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Harry doesn’t talk about the war. It wasn’t always that way, and after the war it was all he would speak of, his head on her knees in the yard at the Borrow, tearing grass leaves to shreds. He would recall the battles and the colors and the scents of Hogwarts burning, do you remember that, Hermione? Of course she did, and she would nod and hum an ascent and brush his hair off his face like the small gesture could do something, like she could touch that scar of his and send some healing power she didn’t even possess into his skin and fix—anything. A preposterous notion, of course. But Hermione protects Harry. That’s what she does. Harry saves the Wizarding World and Hermione saves Harry and the world turns on its axis, unaware. (x)

Some people have these like fandom specific blogs and then there’s me:


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Peter Capaldi’s birthday on the set of Doctor Who [x]


Stolas, a Great Prince of Hell, appears as a crowned owl with long legs to teach men astronomy, botany, and gemology. 
(available as a sticker)


Stolas, a Great Prince of Hell, appears as a crowned owl with long legs to teach men astronomy, botany, and gemology. 

(available as a sticker)

a series of oddly specific remus lupin headcanons


  • i think remus would be very quirky teenager looking, with scarring as well as acne scarring, kinda awkward and knobby
  • the kind of person that slouches when he stands because he wants to be smaller
  • i think remus would be very clumsy and would have lots of dings and bruises from bumping into things as well as from transformations. because he’s not used to his body really and it’s weird in all the worst places 
  • also he’d have weirdly dispersed freckles, maybe one next to his mouth one on his nose a couple under his eye one above his brow. he’d have a few on his back, legs, shoulders, neck, chest
  • i think his sweaters would all be moth eaten and tight in weird places and loose in equally as weird places, because they’d be handmedowns from his dad and his grandparents
  • remus would keep a journal of prank ideas, story ideas, feelings, indignant rants about not having feelings that he clearly has, sketches, doodles, to-do lists, funny jokes, funny things he’s noticed, really awful poetry that he’s written, poetry that he likes that he hasn’t written, etc
  • he would make TERRIBLE jokes, terrible ones, awful ones that make sirius piss himself
  • he would like to read but he’d be the kind of person that will go from reading a book in 3 hours to reading the same book for a month there is no in between
  • he would fall asleep in class A Lot
  • if you phrase something dangerous and against the rules as “an adventure” he would definitely be up for it 100% 


"Now tell me, am I really the sort of enemy you want to make?"


ohmyGOOOOOOD tHANKYOUUUU THATS THE ONEEE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IvE been googling wierd shit all day to find it om g i'm so happy THANK You have a AWESOME day! — Anonymous

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remember when you used to be real secretive about reading smutty fanfiction and making sure you were the only one in the room and now you read that shit at the dinner table like it’s nothing

Hi! ok omg i get a feeling you know about a lot of fics, and i was just wondering if you've heard of this one doctor who fic? i read it ike 2 years ago. i reallly wanna read it again buT i cant find it ;_; It's a parting of the ways au kinda, instead of the doctor regenerating, rose does. and like she regenerates into ten's form, but shes still herself u feel me. ninth doctor is a douche to her through the fic, and jack is there. happy ended though. any answer would help omg i mISS THIS Fic — Anonymous

I think it’s Old Things Made New. Kinda cracky and hilarious? But also shippy? Excerpt:  The ‘being a guy’ part was far too bizarre to think much about, as was the new body and the new teeth. More teeth. Wisdom teeth, even. She could feel her ribs, her stomach was ridiculously flat, and the hair. She had hair, everywhere.

i gotta say, beyond the creepy sexism of the doctor’s constant degrading comments on Clara’s appearance, it makes me uncomfortable because it almost feels aggressive?

and i’m not sure if it’s just because capaldi has that tone/timbre to his voice and line delivery, but it feels very aggressive. like the doctor is mad he now has this old body and the possibility of hooking up with clara is much smaller now?

whatever the reason, yeah, aggression is what i’m getting

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I'm trying to find this one fic where Rose is working at Torchwood and she gets depressed because of all the paperwork she has to do, and apparently aliens are trying to conquer Torchwood from within, and she ends up having a bit of a mental breakdown. Any idea what this fic is called? I know it's on FF Net. — kayla-bird

Anyone know?

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Ben/Leslie, Parks & Recreation Fic Rec List (Part 1)

These fics are literally (eh, eh, see what I did there?) my favorite things in this fandom. I’m still reading, but these are a good place to start! Only 15 fics, but more on the way!

it’s just the laws that make us badHe honestly thought the Freddy Spaghetti concert would be the last time he saw her. 

the art of looking for trouble"Do I have to explain to you how dating works? Way, way up here, there’s people like Ann and Chris," Leslie says, raising her hand over her head. "Then all the way down here, there’s normal average human beings like you and me."….."You and me, huh?" he says, all playful and teasing, and, oh, gross.

a long long journey to the capital city: If he could, he would go back and punch Benjy Wyatt, the teenager, right in the balls.

start a war (part 2)(part 3) (WIP, but the first 3 chapters can be read as standalone)And she doesn’t want to believe it, can’t bring herself to yet, scribbles furiously over it until the indent from the pen reaches back for pages more. And she falls asleep with it crumpled in her fist, never quite reaching the garbage can. She’s probably going to have to break up with Ben. (note: i love this fic because it’s super angsty and it’s a great contrast to the show/fandom)

spun sugar (part 1)(part 2)Ann received 4 phone calls and 12 texts the night after Leslie returned from her road trip with Ben. Frankly, she was surprised there weren’t more.

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Idris Elba for Details, Septembar 2014 Issue by Mark Seliger


"When it came to kind of putting together the character of Cathal, how did you approach that?"

"Read loads. Read a lot of stuff. Read as many books as I can of like…people with personal experiences of drugs themselves. Parents who have lived through it. The last thing I wanted to do would be for anybody who’s went through a similar thing, or any families who’ve had kids who’ve gone through that to watch that and go, that’s…that’s not how it is, that’s not how it works.”

Rose, before I go I just wanna tell you - you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.