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 Angels with a Shotgun

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Episode 1:

  • The graphite in a lead pencil, if you put it to paper and continually drew a single line, would last for 35 miles

Episode 2:

  • 90% of the universe is unaccounted for or is considered dark matter
  • The oldest known recorded soup recipe is for hippopotamus soup

Episode 3:

  • The longest animal in the world is the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish which is 8 ft wide and 200 ft long
  • A blue whale’s penis is 16 feet long
  • Hymen is Greek for ‘marriage’

Episode 4:

  • tmesis is the only English word that starts with ‘tm’ and means to break a single word into two by inserting another word (for example: abso-freaking-lutely)

Episode 7:

  • The Gentlemen’s Earwig has a spare penis so that if it snaps off during copulation, another will pop out immediately to resume the mating process
  • All insects that have piercing mouth parts or can ‘suck’ are called bugs. Or, all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs.

Episode 8:

  • Albania has 27 words for facial hair and 30 words for types of eyebrows
  • Filtrum is the name for the dip between your upper lip and nose
  • Armadillos and humans are the only beings with the ability to contract epilepsy

Episode 10:

  • 'Alan' is Celtic for rock
  • Edgar Allen Poe wrote the poem, Eureka, which talked about the Big Bang Theory, parallel universes and atoms 80 years before the Big Bang Theory was even mentioned/thought of.
  • Allan Smithy is the name directors can take on when they’ve lost control over movie productions or don’t want their name to be connected with a film they think will do poorly, so they credit ‘Allan Smithy’ as the director at the end of the credits.

Episode 11:

  • Alexander Graham Bell technically didn’t invent the telephone. He stole the patent from an Italian inventor (because Bell worked in the patent office) and the Italian inventor sued but died before the judge could give a ruling, so Bell got the credit and all of the monetary profits.

Episode 12:

  • Oliver Cromwell banned mince meat pies because they were a representative of Catholicism
  • In 1822, the poem ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ (later the basis for Twas the Night Before Christmas), is the first time there is a physical description of the contemporary image of Santa Claus
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