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 Angels with a Shotgun

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maybe after the war the golden trio go their separate ways for a little while because they’re scared of the dependency they have on one another and they want to know they can survive on their own

but harry’s restless and itchy the whole time they’re apart and he thought it would ease when he came back to stay with the weasleys. he thought he would finally have a place to call home but if anything he gets more uneasy and more uncomfortable because the weasleys are family but they aren’t home

when hermione comes back and smiles softly at harry and leans her head on his shoulder on the porch outside the burrow and covers his jean clad knee with her hand, thumb rubbing back and forth soothingly, harry’s entire body relaxes and he realizes that for the first time since the war ended he’s relaxed and content and happy and he leans over and inhales the spicy, sweet scent of hermione’s hair and presses a kiss to the side of her head and sighs happily

because he finally found home

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