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had a really good talk with my younger sister today about body image and stuff because my sister is super tall and thin and GORGEOUS and i’ve always felt insure around her

and idk how we started talking about it but she told me she hates her nose (she’s got a streisand nose) and her lips and teeth and how that’s hard for her because she is an actress and she’s constantly aware of her image/that people are judging her

and i told her that im uncomfortable with my body and how hard it is to feel confident

and she told me to take a picture of myself every day—a different part of my body or my entire body or my face whatever—and look at it and post it online or keep it as the wallpaper for my phone for a day or something and find positive things about it and that’s how she kinda overcame a bit of her self-consciousness about it

and idk

it was just a good thought and im gonna try it and i just liked that my sister and i could talk body stuff even though we have 2 radically different bodies and i love my little sis a lot :)

anyway, hope you all find good things about your bodies (male or female, we all got issues!)

  1. promiseofthewolf said: That’s an awesome idea!
  2. allrightfine said: YES! I’ve always felt all right about my forearms, like they tan nicely, my wrist is a size I like, etc. & it’s weird, but I’ll have a day where literally nothing else looks right, & I’ll roll up my sleeves & think AT LEAST I’VE GOT THAT GOING FOR ME
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