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 Angels with a Shotgun

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Should Fan Fiction by Free by Abigail De Kosnik (what im reading rn and i realllllly wanna know what the article is before this one because i got the last few paragraphs and it sounds interesting. i actually just want this journal period)

Visible Fandom: Reading the X-Files through X-Philes by Christine A Wooley (I HAVE EMAILED HER EXTENSIVELY SHE IS THE COOOOOOOLEST)

Adolescents’ Anime-Inspired “Fanfictions”: An Exploration of Multiliteracies by Kelly Chandler-Olcott and Donna Mahar

Access and Affiliation: The Literacy and Composition Practices of English-Language Learners in an Online Fanfiction Community by Rebecca W Black

I’ve only read the first 2, so let me know how the other 2 are! These are on JSTOR (I haven’t searched the MUSE or MLA database yet) so you will need to register with your uni’s info (or your own but that might give you limited access to journals) in order to read em!

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