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 Angels with a Shotgun

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I wonder if one of these mornings, before slipping into costume and assuming the identity of Time Lord or Rose Tyler, David and Billie are sitting together quietly in their trailers, just staying quiet and letting the experience wash over them. 

It’s been a few tentative days of smiles and tip-toeing around one another, they’re not quite sure how to be around each other anymore. They’ve talked on and off since she left the show, but a stray text message or phone call isn’t quite the same as weeks and months on end together on a shoot.

He gets up to bring her a tea from the beverage station, Earl Grey with a hint of lemon, the way she’s always taken it. He remembers bringing her countless cups of tea in the middle of the set, enjoying a cuppa on the TARDIS, letting his stomach twist pleasantly when she smiled gratefully at him, fingers brushing as she took the cup from him. Now, she takes it from him and stops when she sees what’s in the cup, smiling politely before placing it on the counter.

He furrows his brow, “What?”

She waves him off, “‘S nothing. It’s just,” she bites her lip and shrugs. “I don’t drink tea now. Diary sort of switched me over to coffee—longer shoots, colder, more, uh, exposed, shoots,” she blushes and averts her eyes. “I just don’t drink tea, now.”

He stares at her and the silence falls over them. He realizes with a painful realization that they aren’t the same David and Billie they were years ago. They have a lot to learn about one another and it starts with this:

Billie Piper doesn’t drink tea anymore.

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