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 Angels with a Shotgun

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Rory/Rose. — cloysterbell

He gets suspicious when the razors go missing. They just seem to be growing smaller in smaller in numbers until they’re not there anymore. Then the shaving cream goes. 

He knows he just bought a new bottle a few weeks ago. He pokes his head out the bathroom door, hair sleep tousled and toothbrush hanging from his mouth, “Babe? You seen my razors? Need to shave for work.”

Rose bites her lip and furrows her brow, “Nope. Sorry.” He looks at her a beat longer and nods, unsure.

His face is fuzzy and prickly by the end of the day. He’s careful when he kisses Rose, trying to angle his face in such a way as to not cause her discomfort. Her skin is sensitive (something he was delighted to find out when he sucked a bit harder than normal and found her skin an arousing shade of purple). 

Rose, on the other hand, seems to be doing everything in her power to bring his scratchy chin in contact with her face. She pushes at the back of his neck and rubs her cheek over his and moans.

It clicks for him and he chuckles, pulling away from Rose’s mouth.

"Rose, did you steal my razors and foam?"

She shrugs, eyes glittering and playful. 

"You minx! You did!"

Rose runs a hand over his stubble and sighs. “I like you scruffy and,” she pauses and Rory takes a moment to kiss her. “And I like the way it feels.” She looks up at him, unsure and Rory sighs and gathers her close so that her face is pressed in the crook of his shoulder.

"Rose, sweetheart, if you like it that much, you just have to ask. If a bit of scruff on my face makes you happy, brings you pleasure, I’ll do it. No need to hide my stuff."

Rose groans, “I just didn’t know how to ask.”

Rory grinned and kissed her, tongue sweeping out across the seam of her mouth before nipping at her bottom lip until she opened for him. He made a deliberate effort to scrape his chin across hers and grinned into her mouth when she groaned and tightened her hold on his waist.

Rory peppered kisses across the bridge of her nose and cheeks before dipping down to her neck and colloarbone. 

"I think we can find a much better use for this newfound scruff of mine, don’t you, Rose?"

Rory dropped to his knees and nosed at the button and zip of Rose’s pants. Rose whimpered.


The next day, Rose savored the burn on the inside of her thighs and Rory permanently ‘lost’ his razors.

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